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Espinosa Baseball is dedicated to teaching baseball technique and to helping aspiring players reach their athletic goals. And now we're available virtually..... virtually online... anytime....

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?

Imagine that you are an aspiring player. You load a hitting, pitching, or fielding video clip of yourself onto your phone, receive a side by side comparison with a high-level player from a knowledgeable and professional instructor, AND receive a Personalized Training Plan of drills to practice with the goal of eliminating technique flaws....with the drills in Video Form!

A millennial player's dream come true!

You can get more information and register for the Espinosa Baseball Training Academy by clicking here:

Are you an infielder looking for the VERY BEST information from the VERY BEST INFIELD COACH IN MLB history? (The records don't lie!) Here is the very same information Marlins Coach Perry Hill has preached for three decades and to seven Gold Glove Award winners, all at the click of a button:

More virtual training products are in production and will be hosted on shortly.

Doing our best to "Keep up with the Millennials!"

-Espinosa Baseball
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