Full Program $4150 One-Time Fee (regardless of Year of Graduation)*

* Note: Students must complete the Scholar-Athlete Assessment before being accepted to this program.

  • RECRUITMENT FEEDBACK: Professional communication on a regular basis regarding the recruitment process and student-athlete development. Includes periodic phone calls with players; Recruitment prospect assessment; Showcase selection; Development of Marketing Materials; Summer Team Recruitment.
  • ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT: Advice regarding SAT/ACT schedule; Target List of Schools; College visit planning; Guidance throughout school selection process.
  • SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND GUIDANCE: Professional assessment of athlete’s physical development and baseball skill; Development of an individualized training plan; Monthly on-line video skills analysis.
  • COMMUNICATION AND ACCESS:  Professional and thorough feedback in all areas of service; Periodic telephone meetings with player; Individual marketing materials for the college process and teams; Regular access to your advisor regarding the player’s development and recruiting process. Access and support throughout the process to ensure the student completes all aspects of services.
  • COLLEGE PROCESS:  Determining coaches’ interest in player; Advice concerning admission potential; Review of student’s application; Advice regarding potential scholarship offers; Evaluation of Financial Aid packages, where applicable.

PLAYERS WILL RECEIVE                                                

  • Access by email or phone as needed throughout the entire process
  • Monthly baseball skills voice over video analysis
  • Daily Nutritional and Strength Counseling through Precision Nutrition
  • Discounts on Espinosa Showcase Camps and Video Library materials
  • Discounts on Group Training Programs
  • Recruiting Video

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